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eCourse in Effective Grant Writing in Public Health (EGW)


Every year government and non-government agencies offer grants around the world to help academic institutes, Individual researchers, NGO’s and other agencies to strengthen evidence base for improving population health by funding their research proposals. These grants are available for broad areas from basic science research, impact evaluation to innovative public health programs and policies. One of the important investments by any national or state government from developing country such as India is to develop new or update existing public health policies and to strengthen health system is to provide funds to eligible institutions or organizations to build evidence base.  For successful grant proposal, it is important to learn basics of grant writing as it is not part of formal training of public health, social science or medicine. Learning effective grant writing also provides other benefits such as assistance in overall development of the individual/organization and team building. Grant writing is useful for academics, researchers, public health practitioners and NGOs. Most international and national level grants require detailed description of how the individual/organization plans to use the funds they receive. This forces the individuals/organization to write the grant proposal in a way that matches with the nature of grant and also assist them to achieve specific research/program goals within the desired time frame. Obtaining grants is an indicator of organizational/individual capacity, enhances professional value and builds the credibility of individual/organization. Successful grants also assists in developing networks and further career progression.  

Grant writing is a technical task and learning an appropriate methodology for effective grant writing is important for success. Successful grant writer also understands why proposals are rejected and intricacies of grant writing which includes planning, writing, and submitting a proposal on time. Finding a balance between giving the funding agency value for money and what is realistically possible is important while ensuring why the individual/organization is the best suited for the grant.

Aim and Purpose

The course will provide detailed description of how an individual/organization can successfully apply for grants from national and international agencies. The course will provide a broad framework for participants to learn how to write a successful proposal. Course will also assist participants to learn skills to arrive at specific research/program goals within the desired time frame.

The course will provide understanding of various grant writing terms, potential sources for grant writing and generic grant writing guidelines. Curriculum includes training for development of a grant proposal and concept note in a structured manner. Content of the course also provide basic understanding of developing activity based budget for grants.

The Course will be divided into 6 modules.

Module 1 : Introduction to proposal writing and Request for Proposal

Module 2 : Standard elements of effective grant writing

Module 3 : Basics of common research designs used in grant writing.

Module 4 : Planning and presentation of activities

Module 5 : Managing budget and financial requirements of grants.

Module 6 : Proposal writing / Assignment

Teaching Methodology

The program will be based on a combination of online lectures (asynchronous), electronically submitted assignments, recommended, readings and interaction with faculty as and when required.


Members of Academia including Universities, Medical Colleges, Public Health Schools and other Colleges, Members of non-profit organizations, Consultants and anyone who want to learn how to write effective grant proposals.

Course Coordinator:
Program Officer:
  • Program Fee: Indian: 9000 INR , South Asian Candidates : SAARC states "Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka".

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    140 USD , Other International Candidates: 330 USD